Since 1997 Gold Touch Dealer Solutions has been serving large and small car dealerships regionally in WV, VA, KY, OH, PA and MD offering the largest variety of auto dealer supplies at the best prices in the business! We are strictly focused in the automotive industry which gives us the advantage.

Program Benefits:

  • Customer Satisfaction – Your customer can purchase a vehicle with a lower factory trim package and with our upgrade kit, get the look of a higher factory trim package for less cost.
  • Low Cost to you – Kit prices starting under $50.00 per auto.
  • High Profit Margin – 40% margin on cost items.
  • Gain an Inventory Advantage – These kits will set your vehicles apart from your competition.
  • Fixed Operations Profit – Lock in a profit no matter what! With high profit margins, low costs and little to no labor associated with these kits.
  • Professional Training – We will train your installer(s) how to properly install these kits.
  • Generous Return Policy – You can return any resalable item up to two weeks from date of delivery, NO QUESTIONS
  • Easy Billing – Parts are billed to each individual stock number.
  • Lifetime Warranty – All our aftermarket appearance accessories come with a lifetime warranty on product workmanship.
  • Fast & Easy Delivery – We stock what we sell, we have a great fill rate, your order will be delivered to the proper department the next day in most cases.



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