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Class A License Plate/Registration:

  • $51.50 – Basic Class A
  • $151.50 – Electric Gas Hybrid
  • $251.50 – Exclusively Electric
  • $251.50 – Hydrogen or Natural Gas

Title Fee: $15.00
Lien Fee: $10.00
Duplicate Titles: $15.00
Duplicate Registration: $10.00
Duplicate Plate: $10.00
Plate Transfer: $10.50
Salvage Titles: $22.50

Other Fees- that are NOT DMV Fees:

Doc Fee Ceiling: $499.00

DT Fee or E-titling Fee: $25.00 (not subject to tax)

CVR Fee – $30.00 (WVI Portal fee $2.00 and $14.00 CVR NOT subject to tax; $14.00 to dealer subject to tax)


Vehicle Sales Tax:

Reminder: Vehicle sales tax is 6%. If your dealership is located within city limits and the city has home rule/an additional percentage on sales tax that additional percentage is only added to “below the line products,” and not the vehicle sales price.

Lease Vehicles

Taxation on a lease vehicle

  • 6% tax is charged on the Cap Cost Reduction at time of filing.
  • Minus the net trade in allowance (only if previously titled in WV).
  • The leasing company will collect 5% of the lease payment as tax and remit this to the Division monthly.

Transfer of Plates/Other Information

  • A license plate can be transferred between vehicles within the same leasing company (transfer fees apply)
  • May transfer special plates with a letter from the customer relinquishing the rights to the leasing company (transfer fees apply).
  • The leasing company’s address must appear on form DMV-1L. That is the address that will appear on the title and registration. If you need the plate and registration card special mailed to the lessee, then you must include a special mail envelope.

Good News Mountaineer Garage

The non-profit Good News Mountaineer Garage began in 1999 when a group got together to plan a project to help their fellow West Virginians get on the road to independence, that provide donated cars to low income families across the entire state of West Virginia.

NADA National Foundation

High-paying, meaningful jobs at car and truck dealerships exist in every community in America. The NADA Foundation is committed to providing you with the information you need to jump-start your automotive career.

NADA Guide on Consumer Leasing Requirements – Driven

NADA’s comprehensive guide on the federal disclosure requirements and limitations applicable to consumer leasing transactions.